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Bracing for Impact in 2024

Hello African Catalyst,

We’ve reached the middle of 2024 with just over 6 months left of the year. June also brings a wrap to our Startup Metrics webinar series. 

These webinars have been some of our most well-attended events, demonstrating a deep interest from founders and our community to better position themselves - and their startups - to potential investors. 

At our final event in the series on 26 June 2024 at 18:00 SAST, our expert speakers from AAIC Investment, HAVAÍC and Founders Factory Africa will provide an overview of the most crucial impact metrics used by impact-investment funds. 

Impact investing is more than just a buzzword; it’s a powerful investment strategy that addresses some of the continent's most pressing challenges while generating sustainable financial returns. In 2023 alone, impact investment in Africa saw a massive surge, with over $4.8 billion allocated to startups tackling Energy, Agriculture, Climate, and beyond. This growth reflects the increasing recognition of Africa's potential to drive innovative solutions with global relevance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of impact metrics and how they can elevate your startup’s appeal to investors. Sign up for the webinar here.

Thank you for being a part of our monthly events, I look forward to seeing you at the last one and sharing our upcoming webinars soon.

See you there,
Head of Platform & Community

In April, we hosted Alyune-Blondin Diop of Loftyinc Capital, Jordy Kiange Beni of Octerra Capital and Karen Serem Waithaka of Catalyst Fund as guest speakers at the 2nd edition of our webinar series on Understanding VC Metrics for Startups. In this edition, we shed light on Traction & Growth Metrics. Check out one of our highlights below and download the free infographic with the key insights on the link below. 

CatalyzU Venture Capital Fellowship - Advanced Cohort 3

Last month, we showcased our CatalyzU Venture Capital Fundamentals fellows who went through a 5-week fellowship program on the basics of venture capital in Africa.

This month, we’re thrilled to showcase our CatalyzU Venture Capital Advanced fellows. This group, made up of exceptional individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and experiences, have now completed their intense 10-week program.

Check out the full graduating cohort in our C3 CatalyzU Venture Capital Advanced Lookbook.


👉To find out more, email Benjamin Udokwu.

Can you describe your current job?
I am currently working as a consultant in the VC space through Diligence Africa and with Onafriq where I am supporting the commercial finance team. My work mostly involves financial modelling, creative problem solving in data analysis, due diligence, and strategy advisory.

One career highlight since completing the CatalyzU fellowship?
I got to build on the relationships I created with ease and in that regard making communication with new clients a breeze as they are already familiar with me from the fellowship.

What's one trend you're currently obsessed with?
Truthfulness and honesty are becoming more prevalent around the world, and it's amazing to watch how this trend is permeating everyday life and business. Hope it lasts and even increases.

Any lightbulb moments during the Fellowship?
So many but all centered on the opportunity available for many finance and investments professions to make an impact that matters in building the strong foundations Africa needs, because we need to build to scale. All hands-on deck, I guess.

The type of person you would  like to have coffee with next and why?
Someone who will make you consider the extraordinary in ordinary circumstances. An interesting and unpredictable mind always makes for great conversation.

One piece of advice for incoming fellows?
Make your own way. Think long term from the get-go. It helps you go into the course work with a bit of clarity and a stable foundation to build on. That way you can fit the coursework into your sense of purpose  more solidly. And have fun. Connect. Every person you meet has something to teach you.

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