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Hello African Catalyst,

Startup metrics are not just numbers. They tell a story about sustainability, profitability, and growth. More importantly, for the investor's keen eye, they signal the startup's potential for success. 

Understanding how to measure MRR is the heartbeat of a SaaS business. CAC and LTV are reality checks against ambitious growth narratives. And churn rate? It's a strong indicator of customer sentiments and product relevance. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be hosting a series of webinars to unpack startup metrics with each event focusing on a specific set:

  • 27 March 2024: Essential Startup Metrics
    Covering MRR, CAC, LTV and churn rates.

  • 24 April 2024: Traction and Growth 
    Covering user engagement, customer retention, and expansion metrics. 

  • May 2024: Financial Health 
    Covering burn rate, runway, and unit economics, which indicate a startup's financial viability and sustainability.

  • June 2024: Industry-Specific Metrics
    Covering metrics specific to different industries or business models.

Whether you're a seasoned founder or a fresh-faced VC, this webinar series is your guide to:

  • Understanding the metrics that truly matter to investors

  • Learning how to track and analyze your startup's performance

  • Gaining insights into building a data-driven, investor-ready company

See you there,
Head of Platform & Community

Announcing: How to Startup, our new fellowship in collaboration with Future Africa.

This fellowship will equip founders, aspiring founders and startup operators with the essential skills, practical insights and knowledge needed to build sustainable and scalable businesses in Africa, from those who’ve done it.

We’ve joined forces with Future Africa, the leading pan-African venture capital firm, to offer a fellowship tailored to the unique needs of African entrepreneurs.

The How to Startup Fellowship will feature a diverse lineup of lecturers, including some of Africa's most successful founders and prominent VC experts. Notable lecturers include Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, co-founder of Flutterwave and Andela – two African unicorns that have reshaped the continent's tech landscape. Joining E is Mia von Koschitzky-Kimani, a leading VC expert who previously served as a Partner at Persistent Energy Capital. With her extensive background in venture capital and angel investing, Mia will provide fellows with crucial insights into securing funding and scaling their ventures.

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji
Founding Partner
Future Africa (Nigeria)

Mia von Koschitzky-Kimani
Managing Partner
Future Africa (Kenya)

Limited spots will be available to ensure a high-quality, personal experience. The fellowship will start in April and run for 7 weeks. Applications open on 26 March. For more information or to be the first to know once applications are open, click the link below.


👉To find out more, email Benjamin Udokwu.

Who is Noah Mesfin?
I am an Eritrean, currently working and residing in Uganda. I have a background in engineering and what I'm mostly passionate about is building; whether it's building infrastructure, startups, or systems for impact.

Describe your current job.
In my current job at StartHub Africa, I focus on creating a pipeline of tech start-ups coming into the ecosystem to help create a view of high-quality emerging in major secondary markets in Africa

What's one trend you're currently obsessed with?
Africa’s increased connectivity which has led to a new wave of tech start-ups. These startups are developing digital technologies that can solve many problems and create jobs. This is especially important as the continent adds millions of young people to the workforce over the coming decade.

Any lightbulb moments during the Fellowship?
The gap that exists between VC funding in emerging markets and the support needed by founders. We lack tailored support for African founders which is contextualized to their environment to grow to the next level. 

What achievement are you most proud of since completing the CatalyzU Fellowship?
Finding a focus in the work I'm doing. As much as there’s a disparity in investments and support for local startups, there’s also a gap in quality tech startups coming into the ecosystem. Eventually, I want to work with students and tech communities to solve problems that can be turned into future startups.

What's one piece of advice you have for CatalyzU fellows?
Be fully present in the moment. Sometimes the content might be overwhelming or the space might be relatively new. But eventually - as Steve Jobs noted - it will make more sense when you look backwards and connect the dots.

Who would you recommend the fellowship to and why?
I would recommend people who have sector-specific experience and want to break into the VC industry to apply. If you lack, for example, finance experience or don’t have a background in finance, the fellowship can expose and deepen your experience in this regard.

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